Shaykh Mu'hammad Nadeem Chishti

Khanqah Mu'hammadiyah

Mu’hammad Nadeem Khokhar (Damat barkaat u hum ul-‘Aaliyah), also known as Nadeem Shah and Mu’hammad Nadeem Chishti, was born in Lahore on the 9th of January 1969 C.E. [Shawwal 1388 A.H.] in a Qutub Shahi family. His lineage has been recorded back to ‘Hadhrat ‘Aun Qutub Shah Qadri Baghdadi (Ra’hmat Ullahi ‘Alayh), a descendant of ‘Hadhrat ‘Ali (Radhi Allahu ‘Anhu) and the co-brother (husband of wife’s sister) and Khalifah of Ma’hboob-E Sub’haani ‘Hadhrat ‘Abd ul-Qaadir al-Jilani (Ra’hmat Ullahi ‘Alayh).

Mu’hammad Nadeem Khokhar’s maternal grandfather Mu’hammad Ibraahim (Ra’hmat Ullahi ‘Alayh) was an Authorized elder of the Qaadriyyah order. He (RA) always gave special attention and love to his grandson in his early childhood.

Our Shaykh, Mu’hammad Nadeem Khokhar, moved to Saudi Arabia with his parents at an early age and stayed there till high school. According to his mother, he was, as a child, both very responsible and well-mannered as compared to other children of his age. This was no doubt because of the love and piety with which his mother had brought him up.

He received his Bachelors degree in General studies and Masters degree in Computer Information Systems from an American University in England. During his stay in Europe, he successfully maintained his values as a Muslim, despite this he showed little interest in “Tassawuf” at this time. It only was after he returned to Pakistan that Allah brought a change to his heart, and he began to search for a mentor to guide him on the path to True Love. After much searching, Allah opened up a path for him and one of his own students introduced him to his mentor, Riyadh ul-Haqq Qureishi (RA).

Our Shaykh, Nadeem Khokhar, does not reveal the details of this first meeting with his Shaykh (RA), but he does mention a few of the events. He says that as soon as he met his mentor, he knew that this was indeed his destined mentor. He describes feelings of vertigo when his Shaykh (RA) embraced him. He covered the whole path in this single meeting and was blessed with the blessings of all the Silasil. After that day, he frequently visited his Shaykh (RA) and received his blessings in all chains of the Sufi orders. He also visited the shrines of different Saints (RA) on his Shaykh’s orders and was blessed by each in a mystic way, the details of which he has kept secret. He was also blessed with complete permissions from 'Hadhrat Abu Mazhar Siraaji Ghanoi (RA).

In December 1999 C.E., his mentor and Shaykh instructed him to move to Islamabad to help and guide the people there. Although he had already been given permission to guide people towards the path of Allah, he was officially appointed the grand Khalifah in 2003 CE when Shaykh (R.A) passed away. Despite not having received any formal Islamic education, his Shaykh made sure to equip him with all the necessary knowledge he would need. By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, and love of his Shaykh, he now excels in ʾUloom-ul-Qurʾān, ʾUloom-ul-Hadeeth, Fiqh (Jurispudence), Tafseer, ʾAqeedah (Creed and Beliefs), and Tasawwuf (Self-Purification).

He felt that, in the current era, people need to be educated. For this, he has worked hard to arrange for the education of common people through various programs. The beauty of his personality is that he does not neglect his duties to his family while simultaneously working for the education of the people. As per the Sunnah of The Prophet (SAW), he manages his time for his job and family and has proved himself to be a practical example for his students and disciples. He delivers lectures on The Belief, The Qurʾān, Hadeeth, and Tasawwuf. His lectures can be accessed in the form of booklets, videos and audios.

He has laid the foundation of Daar-ul-Faqr, an institute where he continues to teach the Islamic sciences to anyone who wishes to learn. He uses modern technology, like radio, Facebook, internet and email to make his lectures and notes accessible across the globe. He prefers to avoid controversial issues and does not involve himself in fruitless debates between different groups or sects. His gatherings are attended by people from all sects and groups who want to gain a sound and unbiased understanding of Islam.

May Allah elevate his ranks and grant him success in both worlds. May Allah help us benefit from his knowledge and effort and grant us persistence in following the right path! Ameen!